Welcome! This is the portion of the site where I've come across interesting photo's of some items that I haven't seen in years...

...Or, like a Junk Drawer, a place where I can throw in something weird or just off the wall!

The majority of photo's come from online auctions, such as eBay, Yahoo, etc. Usually they're going for such a high price that there's no chance I'll be able to get my hands on them, so I satisfy myself with adding the pictures to my image directory.

So let's open the old Junk Drawer and see what's inside...

Aurora Copper kits

Aurora Coppersmith (1970) kits!

A pdf gallery of PSYCHO STYRENE magazine!
The Journal of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror &
Stop Motion for Modelers!

Some kind soul put up digital images of the great
 STARLOG magazines! CINEMAGIC as well!

IF magazine & Galaxy too!

Denis McDougall purchased this bronzed Forgotten Prisoner on eBay in 2011! Anyone know who made it?

The story behind Aurora's Metaluna Mutant!

Franky die-cut cardboard store sign!

Master pattern prototype for Aurora's
Phantom of the Opera model kit!

Worlds smallest Revell model kits!

More Factory Promo's & Prototypes seen over the years!!

Flashback to the early 90's. The old Gremlins in the Garage T-shirt!

These are the original Aurora prototypes for the Wacky Races kits. Sadly they were never produced. From the Andy Yanchus Collection.

Original oil canvases from some of our favorite Aurora box art!

Zarkov's rocket ship from Flash Gordon!

Aurora factory blueprints produced by HMS Associates!

Here's some bubble-gum trading cards from the early 60's put out by Sicle featuring our favorite AURORA company!

Did you know that Lindberg had plans to produce their own Superman kit?! Sadly, it never came to fruition!

...Awards given to Aurora winners?

At the 2007 IPMS Nationals, someone's model of a Hobby Store, circa 1970, passed to me by Michael Bare.

Here someone built up a diorama depicting a Modeling Convention!! Amazingly, no one knows who built this!

Here's another build up that Chuck Hroch passed over to me. Done by Tom Brown, of Buffalo, New York. He calls it 'Bufcon XVI'

A very nice Aurora Batmobile store display that was up for auction!

Vari-Vue 3-D Frankenstein Monster postcard. These were used as a promotional piece for the introduction of the Frankenstein Aurora Model Kit. From the Vari-Vue bankruptcy auction in 1986.

Everyone's familiar with the LUMINATOR monster kits, but did you know other kits were issued in this format?

In 1972 Aurora offered their Prehistoric Scenes Model Kits through ads like these on Pom Poms!

Dave Cockrum's Metaluna Mutant Original Art (1974) & MOTM Mummy (1975)!

Auction Check out just some of the items Julien Entertainment held on eBay in November!! Some true movie classics from the Ackerman Mansion went up for sale!!

Supposedly more 'proto-types' of Aurora's never released 'GREEN KNIGHT' & other kit favorites!!

Seen on eBay is this 'life-sized' replica of Thor's mighty 'Mjolnir' Hammer!! Just $269.99 and you too can run around the neighborhood bopping bad guys!!

Here's a great innovation using the ToyBiz HULK kit. And here's a neat idea using the Dick Tracy Kit!! and Another HULK

Jim Bertges' friend was always bummed about the old Marx monsters and the fact that they never made a Dracula figure to complete the set.

So he made his own and passed these photo's over to Jim!

Here's an interesting item! An old AURORA ad showing our very familiar FRANKENSTEIN monster, but take a closer look at that DRACULA kit!! Wasn't what was in my Drac box!!

It's not the 1966 Batmobile we all know & love, but you might want to park this in your drive-way!!

This is a better copy of Mechanix Illustrated, dated 1954, provided by Bill Lehner! Here is the complete article in Adobe Reader format. (Thanks, Bill!) That bottom line turned out not to be 'How to build a Batmobile'.

This beautiful diorama is based on the Jeff Wayne musical version of the War of the Worlds. A really nice piece of work by whoever did it!

You're familiar with the old but popular BIG's his companion piece, same big size, comes with an anchor vice a rockl...da' Creech! This appeared at a past CHILLER. Sculpted by Rick Wyatt & molded by Matt McWhirt!

Mike Scott took this photo and made up this fantastic 'What If' advertisement to go with this great kit!!

A nice scratchbuild Abraham Lincoln figure, in the style of Aurora's Famous Presidents line of kits! A nice job done on the box as well!

Mark Walker brings the Star Wars Speeder Bike to 20th Century earth with this unique viewpoint!

Not satisfied by a model of Speed Racers hot rod? This for real working Speeder was up for sale on eBay. Price was up to $72,000 and the reserve wasn't met yet!

Jim Bertges passed over this old article taken from an early issue of TV GUIDE. Here's another article covering the Munsters' Koach.

Another TV Guide article from 1971 covering one of Rod Serling's NIGHT GALLERY. Jim Bertges wonders since this was a Universal Studio show, if they might have used the CREATURE's suit and did alittle hacking and fur covering on this?!

Here someone took a Wonder Woman, a Captain America, a Tar Pit base and what looks to be a James Bond tree, and made up this great diorama! This was won by Zardor and used with permission.

One of the very earliest AURORA models, this one from 1953. Called 'Shadowbox Craft'. Interesting to see the earlier version of the Aurora logo.

These are photo's I took in 1978 on a trip to LA. It was a Movie/TV prop museum. The Seaview is about 7 feet long, and Robby was full size.

These are reportedly the Aurora prototype photographs of the LAND OF THE GIANTS Snake model.

Before there was the massive 6 Foot tall Creature from our favorite Black Lagoon, there was his humble beginnings!

Talk about being the hit of the nieghborhood come Halloween time!! This baby's opening bid was just a mere $12,000!!

Ah...Death Valley Days and the 20 Mule Team Borax model! This was a mail-away kit. I do remember mailing away for it and then running home from school each afternoon and jumping on the mailbox to see if it arrived!!

Now this was neat!! This photo came from a VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA fanzine. How many times have you seen the Flying Sub with WHEELS and a ROBOTIC ARM??! These photo's were taken from actual models on the VTTBS lot. And answers that eternal question, "Okay, once over land, how do you land this thing?!"

Here's some of the same photo's I came across, but in color!

Another reproduction. This time of Aurora's MONSTER COLOR paint sets. This is a front and back view. Again, not sure of the year of issue on these, originally, or who did the repro work. If anyone knows, email me and I'll add more details to this. Like the Aurora-style house...fore runner of the Bates & Addam's Family houses?!

Hope you enjoyed the JUNK DRAWER.

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