Gil Kane's "Tonto" & "Lone Ranger" Aurora Comic Scenes Instruction Booklet Cover and Complete Story Original Art.
(Aurora Plastics Co., 1974).

 James Bama's "Vulture and Mad Dog Customizing Monster" Original Art

 Aurora Prehistoric Scenes: Cave, 1972, original model kit box art.

 Aurora Prehistoric Scenes: Cro-Magnon Woman, 1971, original model kit box art. Gouache on board. 14 x 17in.

 Aurora Prehistoric Scenes: Jungle Swamp, 1972, original model kit box art. Gouache on board. 12 x 15-1/2in.

 Two original canvas paintings for The WITCH box art.

 Aurora Monster Scenes 'DRACULA' Snap Together Model Kit, 1974!

 Kevin shares his Aurora's 'Gigantic Frankenstein' original artwork!

 Aurora's Mad Barber & Mad Doctor original canvases!

Neil Leadbeater sent me these three original box art pieces!

Dracula & Prisoner Glow In The Dark series.

With a starting price of $1,500.00 on eBay, the original art for the instruction sheet of Dr. Deadlys Daughter.

Two original canvas pieces painted by artist Gary Makatura and part of the Stratten/Holland Products Company 'What if' Series of imaginary Aurora Monster model kit boxes.

The Stratten/Holland Production Company's Instruction Sheets to their imaginary Aurora Monster model kits!

This is a close up, allegedly, of the original canvas painting for Dick Tracy's SPACE COUPE. Click here to see the full canvas.

These are, reportedly, the original Bama covers for The Creature & The Mummy.

The artist proofs by Dick Giordano, for Aurora's 1974 Comic Scenes BATMAN kit...


Happy Modeling - Buc :)

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