Mar 18...

Happy St. Patty's Day

Around the Hobby...

Sassy's Satellite

March 16 - Now through March 23rd, Sassy's Satellite is holding a MODEL MADNESS SALE, all at serious discounts!

Check it out... the prices are really, really good!

Kits Through The Years

March 12 - For those ordering my 'Kits Through The Years', I've heard some folks have problems with CD's... like their computers don't run um! (WhoTF orders a PC w/o a CD drive??!... but that's besides the point, since I still have a floppy drive as well)...

So I've ordered a batch of 4gb Flash Drives and from now on will load the files on to them. Not only will it probably be easier & faster, but easier to mail as well.

If anyone can see a down side to moving to flash drives, PLEASE give me a shout out and let me know any possible problems!

- Buc


March 3 - Frank of Moebius Models posted news on facebook... I've edited it down some here...

"Sometime over the weekend there will be a press release at Moebius detailing the sale of the company.

The company is left in good hands, Tom and Larry from Pegasus are taking over the majority share. I'll have a fraction.

Moebius will not be part of Pegasus, it will stand alone as it has.

Bob and Dave are staying!"

GK New Releases

February 27 - If you're a producer and want to get the word out there to folks about your new kit, and you're on Facebook... check out this group!

R.I.P. Mike Parks

January 8th - Sad to learn of the passing of MIKE PARKS today. R.I.P. my friend. You will be missed


Closet Kit Sale!

Went through the kit stash and pulled out those I'd probably never get around to building!

Anything interest you, drop me an e-mail!

May your glue never spill, your putty always harden and your models win 'best of'!! Happy modeling - Buc