On these pages we'll look at characters, movies
& the models surrounding them!

So let's turn that Spotlight on the following...

Pirates of the Caribbean   TRON   The Walking Dead   Guardians of the Galaxy   Mad Max   Vikings

The Prisoner   Young Frankenstein   Daredevil   The Terminator   Kolchak   Silent Running

Deadpool  Breaking Bad    Harley Quinn    War of the Worlds    Game of Thrones    The Time Machine   

Frazetta Models   The Crow    JAWS    Good, the Bad & the Ugly    John Carter of Mars    Elvira    Sin City

Avatar    Dr. Who    Mars Attacks!    Barbarella    Sherlock Holmes    Planet of the Apes

Forbidden Planet    Red Dwarf    Underworld    Bladerunner    5th Element    Day Stood Still

Conan    The Thing    Serenity    Halcyon Models

Vaughn Bode    bloom county     Nosferatu    Dune

Lara Croft    Creature from the Black Lagoon    Jonny Quest    Hellboy

James Bond    Vampirella    King Kong    Predator

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