September 14, 2001


It's been one hell of a week. A wide gambit of emotions flowing through us all, ranging from shock & sadness to a sense of helplessness and rage. Haven't felt much like modeling, but don't feel this topic is appropriate for this format either. So I removed the Sprue banner from the top and if you want to read it, fine... but wanted to discuss some concerns I've been feeling as we look to the future.

Talking to Dice tonight, after his return from 'ground zero' and we talked about how much harder it is when seen with your own eyes vice watching it on a television set. I recall similar thoughts after witnessing the Marine Barracks attack in Beirut and fighting the fire onboard the USS STARK, as well as other incidents in my life these last 29 years in the US Navy.

I applaud the numerous news broadcast companies for not showing the more graphic video's of people falling, or the gruesome details the firefighters and rescue personnel are finding on the ground, no matter which way they turn their heads. Instead they have successfully shown us photo's that were far less graphic, but still poignant in their own right to convey the death and destruction NYC and the Pentagon witnessed on this sad day.

I'm impressed with the unity in our Political parties, and having a Commander-In-Chief that we can once again respect, as we did his father, and follow with confidence.

But I'm afraid of this countries record of sustained comittment, or lack thereof.

And I'm not sure the American people fully realize the long road we are about to embark on.

This declared war will be lengthy. Yes, we can probably hurt Osama bin Laden within seven or eight months. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. And he and his cohorts are only one of over 300-400 known terrorist groups the world over... including our own country! Yes, Virginia, we, as well as Britain, Germany, Italy and other Democratic countries, also harbor known (and unknown) terrorists!

The biggest battle will take place in the Intelligence communities of the world. And therefore the bulk of the work will be silent, and behind the scenes. They won't get the flashy, bold print headlines... but they'll be the keystone in this new war. We the military put the safety of our lives on this community and any improvements that can be given to this corner of the war is highly welcomed and encouraged!

So, as you write your msgs on the different forums, with your feelings of sorrow and anger, do me a favor and save a copy of each one. Read them again on Sept. 11, 2002, and again on Sept 11, 2003 and every year after until you can turn to your great grandchildren and know one day that the world is now a safer place to live.

Because it is going to be an on-going crusade. And I hope and wish that the same spirit of unity, the same committment of anger and sense of retribution carries on for the long haul. Because those that work in the next World Trade Center should never, ever be placed in this deadly position such as witnessed this past Tuesday... ever, EVER, again!

Til next week...

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