Recv'd Monday morning, June 25th...(quoted with permission)

Bucwheat26: well, Steve, sorry you couldn't say to my face what

you said Friday. Guys have fun tonite!

Bucwheat26 has left the room.

CultTVman: bye buc

CultTVman: come visit anytime

mrdean56: See you Buc!

Rogue J: funny...didn't give you much of a chance to respond Steve

mrdean56: Hey has anyone noticed Buc and Blappy are never in the same room at the same time?

Rogue J: hmmmmmm?

CultTVman: anyone want to talk about Buc now?

CultTVman: :-)

mrdean56: Not me! Why waste our fingers! But anyone know what a "quanlet" is?:-P

Rogue J: how about arm wrestling him?


CultTVman: LOL... for those keeping track, and sending transcripts to Buc, that was a joke at his expense

Blappy 99: Steve: Is someone "keeping transcripts" of these chats?


Rogue J: Steve...I don't quite understand the bad blood. You both have made some interesting points

mrdean56: POS (Piece of Shit) is high strung!

CultTVman: I would better describe it as me wanting nothing

to do with Buc

Rogue J: i'm not trying to add fuel to this and it's none of my

business...just wondering? Not taking sides.

mrdean56: Let's make sure Buc gets a copy of this so he does not

miss anything.

CultTVman: I've pretty much said all I want to... why keep

dragging it on?

Dice58: As quoted...none of my biz either, but you have to

admit Steve you did do what I did

Rogue J: agreed

CultTVman: And I stand by what I wrote, both on my site, and in

my past messages to Buc

mrdean56: Ed: is that in code?

Dice58: Mark: Well only for the fact that what Steve and I

talked about was in private

Dice58: But what I mean is taking something public like Steve did,then you deleted my thread

Dice58: but it's your forum to do as you see fit

[* off topic portions of Chat deleted]


"I'm sorry to say I only know you via your website, having been unable to make the trip to NJ to attend the Chiller convention and meet you in person.

I have had the honor to meet Steve Iverson at three different Wonderfests and thought he was a good and decent man. But as I watched you ask questions during last nights chat, only to be ignored, then to see your treatment after you logged off, I have to admit I felt ashamed of this hobby of ours.

I tried hard not to take sides, for I don't know exactly what is going on between the two of you, but I have to be honest and tell you that my respect for Mr. Iverson is not what it was.

Felt you deserved to know that."